What is Ad Builder?

The below article will explain what our Ad Builder tool is and how you can use it to improve your search engine ranking.

Advertising your business can be tough. Although the right strategy can boost your business’ profile and increase your profits, it can be difficult to determine what that strategy is and if it’s even working. That’s where our Ad Builder tool comes in, allowing you to promote your products and services on the world’s most popular search engine: Google.

Within minutes, Ad Builder will provide you with a list of recommended suggestions based on your site’s needs as well as thousands of other ads. You’ll also be able to target specific locations within the UK or run a nationwide campaign. Once it’s been launched, you’ll able to track your campaign’s performance and view metrics such as clicks numbers, keyword stats and more.

Ad Builder is incredibly easy to use, with no technical skills required, while campaigns can be edited or paused at any time. What’s more, since your ads will appear when people are searching for relevant products, you’ll be targeting the right audience.