What is Audience Segmentation and how do I use it?

This FAQ will help you to set up audience segmentations

Learn what audience segmentation is and how to use it with Email Marketing.

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Click on the Collect tab at the top of the page, and then select Audience Segmentation from the drop down menu.

collect tab

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Click on the Create a new audience button.

create new audience

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You can title your audience segment and add a note to it. Make sure you name it something descriptive, so that you know what it is when you come back to it later.

title audience segment

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You can now begin to customise your segment. Clicking on Subscriber data, Include/Exclude location and Engagement will open up the menu window allowing you to begin adding the specific rules to the segment.

customise segment page

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When you open the Target by subscriber data window, you must start by Choosing Subscriber profiles. Click the Choose subscriber profiles button to begin.

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You will now be able to start selecting your subscriber profiles. These are essentially the fields your subscribers will have filled out when signing up for your mailing list, or in a CSV file you uploaded.

These sections focus on the your subscribers personal details, such as their age and gender, and even things like their email domain name. Click on your desired option to start customising.

subscriber personal details

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In the below example, we have added two subscriber profiles, female gender and Year of Birth 1990 or less. This means that we will get all women born before 1990.

You can also toggle between And and Or. In this instance, selecting Or would change the results to all women or all men born before 1990.

toggle page

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When you click on Include or Exclude location, you are presented with the Geolocation panel. Here you can enter a location, such as a post code, and then specify a radius from that location that can be included/excluded.

geolocation panel

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The Engagement section rates your subscribers on how engaged they are with your campaigns – based on things like whether they’ve opened the email, or clicked through the links.

A 5 Star rating denotes a customer that often reads your emails and clicks through your links on a regular basis, whereas a 1 star rating denotes a customer that rarely, if ever, opens your emails.

You can  use the engagement rating to target your campaigns at a specific audience type; for example, you can reward your engaged customers with special offers and deals, or remind your less engaged customers why they signed up in the first place, and try to turn them into engaged customers.

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You can now either save your segment as a list, by click the Save to List button, and then either creating a new list or adding it to an existing one, or send a campaign directly to the segment, by clicking on the Send a Campaign button.

save segment