What is Marketing Automation sending and how do I use it?

This FAQ will help you to understand and use marketing automation with your Email Marketing package.

Automated sending occurs when you set up an email to send on a given trigger. For example, should a customer sign up to your mailing list, or click on a link in one of your emails. You can even set it up so that you send your subscribers an email on their birthday!

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From the menu bar at the top of the page, select Send, and then click on Marketing Automation.

marketing automation page

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This page will show you all of the rules you have set up. To make a new one, click on the Create a New Rule button.

create new rule

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First you need to choose what the trigger for your email will be. In this example, I’ve selected the subscriber’s birthday. This will allow me to send my subscribers an email on their birthdays.

choose trigger

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Now select the action for the trigger. This is the effect that your trigger has. In this case, I want to send the customer an email on their birthday, so I have selected the Send Subscriber and Email option, and selected the campaign ‘Birthday Message’.

You also need to specify when the action will occur. You can set it to occur as soon as possible, or at a set time. In the below example, the email will be sent at 9am on the subscriber’s birthday.

select action

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Now all that’s left to do is to name the rule, and click the Save and Finish button.

name rule