Writing a description for directories

The below article discusses the difference between a Brief Description and a Detailed Description in Local Listing.

Writing a description for your listing is one of the most important aspects of putting your business online. As its one of the first things about your company people will see, it’s important to get off on the right foot. Remember, there are no second first impressions.

With Local Listing, you can write a Brief Description and a Detailed Description to try and attract customers to your business.

A Brief Description should be no more than 200 words and is an introductory sentence to quickly get your message out there and across to potential customers. This should describe exactly what your business is and what it does, so that even without any other details, a person finding you for the first time should know what you do.

Your Brief Description will appear as part of a general overview of your business on some directories so you need to make the most of your chance to grab people’s attention and get them to click through to your website.

Your Detailed Description gives you the licence to write a longer, more detailed section that lets you express some of the personality of your business.

You have 800 words to maximise your impact, both on the reader and on search engines, as this will be the biggest section of text on the page, it’s a great opportunity to work in the extra keywords that search engines love.

You can also use this section to add a little bit of personality into your listing – for example, if you’re a long running family business, add that info here, or add a couple of sentences about how your products are great for the environment. What ever it is that makes your business unique, this is the section to shout about it.