123 Reg order process changes 2013

In early 2013 changes are going to be made to the 123 Reg order process.

What is the new 123 Reg order process?

The new order process is the journey taken when purchasing a product from us. This journey can begin with a simple domain name search, to adding products into our new basket feature and finally making a quick and simple payment.

Why has this been changed?

Simplicity is key and at 123 Reg we would like all our customer’s experiences to feel quick, simple and intuitive. These initial changes are only the beginning, we will be working hard to refine and improve these features, creating a better user experience for all.

What has changed?

The look and feel of the basket

The look of the order process, from domain search to checkout has been optimised.  A clearer, easier to navigate, process has been created to make the buying process as quick and simple as it can be.

A centralised process
Previously each product had a separate order process. This has been streamlined so that all products now share one centralised checkout. This will make the buying process simpler, quicker and reduce errors.

Ease of use
The 123 Reg basket is your one stop shop for all purchasing needs. From the basket you will be able to select or modify the package you wish to buy without having to leave the page. This will make to whole process quicker.

From the basket you can:

  • Choose the package you wish to purchase
  • Choose the billing period
  • Buy a domain and assign it to your product

SSL orders
Good news! We have completely streamlined the SSL order process.

During purchase you now simply:

  • Select which level of certificate you want
  • Select the period you would like to buy the certificate for
  • An”SSL credit” will then be available to assign to a domain name in your control panel.