How do I access a domain registered to a school or a charity?

This FAQ will help you to access your domain name if it's in another account

The first step that you will need to take is to create a 123 Reg account for the domain name to be moved into. This should only take a few minutes, which you can easily do here:


The identity of your charity will need to be confirmed as well as proof of your role as a trustee of the charity. To do this, the name and address of the charity must be shown on the WHOIS as the domain name registrant before the domain can be moved into your account. Both need to be confirmed to ensure that only the trustees of the charity can gain access.

As proof of identity for a domain name registered to a charity, the following items are required:

  • Proof of Identity from a trustee (Passport/Driving license)
  • Proof of appointment as a trustee (Letter from the Charity Commission)
  • Proof of address of the charity (Standard bank statement or Utility Bill)


If you are contacting us on behalf of a school, your proof of identity should be either a document from the Department for Education and Skills, or the Education Funding Agency that has both the school’s name and DfES number present. We also accept NCTL numbers from the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

In addition to this, please provide a standard utility bill as proof of address.

The above documentation, along with the request for the domain name transfer, will need to be sent to us through the following link.