How do I access and manage my products?

This article will explain how you can manage any products you’ve purchased.

If you’ve bought a product from 123 Reg but aren’t sure where to find it, simply follow the instructions outlined below. 

Please note: whilst we go through the process of adding your products onto our new platform, your domain names may appear in either our new or legacy Control Panel until the migration is complete. 

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.

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From there, select My Products in the header.

Select My Products


Step 3 of 4

You will now see a complete list of your purchased products within the ‘All Products and Services’ section. Select the product you wish to access and you’ll be presented with a list of options.

If, however, you can’t see your product in the provided list, click the link within the ‘We are in the process of migrating our system…’ banner above.

Select Manage other products


Step 4 of 4

This will take you to an older version of our Control Panel, where you can find your product(s).

To view its management page, select the product you wish to access and then click Manage opposite your product name. You’ll also be given a list of additional options, including links to product pages and relevant Support articles.