How do I cancel the Direct Debit arrangement on my 123 Reg account?

Due to the nature of Direct Debit, you will need to contact your bank directly to cancel your direct debit arrangement. Your bank will then advise us when your Direct Debit has been cancelled and we will remove the same from our system.

Your payment priority will also be updated on our systems. To view and amend this, you’ll need to perform the following:


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Start by accessing your Account Management settings. To do this, follow the instructions outlined in this guide: How do I access my Account Management settings?


Step 2 of 4

Once you’ve accessed your Account Management dashboard, select Payment Methods in the toolbar.

Select Payment Methods


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On the next page, choose View payment settings.

Choose Payment Settings


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You will now be taken to the Payment Settings page. From here, you can remove your payment details by selecting Edit and choosing Remove payment method from the drop-down menu that appears.

Remove Payment method