How do I change my invoice address?

This FAQ will explain how you can change the address associated with your 123 Reg account.

Please note: Your new details will be shown on the invoices issued after the change. Previous invoices will continue to display the details listed on the account when the payment was made.

To update the contact details on your invoices:

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Start by accessing your Account Management settings. To do this, follow the instructions outlined in this guide: How do I access my Account Management settings?


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Once you’ve accessed your Account Management profile, select Edit my details under Contact Details to make any changes to your information.

Edit details


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Make the necessary changes and select Save changes to confirm them.

Save Changes


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All future invoices will now show your new details, which can be accessed by selecting Invoices in the toolbar. For more information on this, please read our Support guide: How can I view/get a copy of an invoice?

View Invoices