How do I remove the card details currently stored on my 123 Reg account?

This article will show you to remove debit/credit card details from your account

To prevent any disruption to your 123 Reg services, we securely store your payment details on your account. This allows us to automatically renew your services before they expire, helping to minimise the risk of downtime or even losing your services altogether.

If you wish to remove a debit/credit card from your account, please follow the instructions outlined below:

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Start by accessing your Account Management settings. To do this, follow the instructions outlined in this guide: How do I access my Account Management settings?


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From there, select Payment Methods in the toolbar.

Select Payment Methods


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On the next page, select View payment settings.

Choose Payment Settings


Step 4 of 5

You will now be taken to the Payment Settings page.

From here, select Options for the credit/debit card you wish to delete and then choose Remove card details from the drop-down menu.

Remove card details


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After a few moments, you debit/credit card will be removed from our systems.