How do I send a ticket to 123 Reg Support?

This article applies to the 123 Reg Support Site

This article will show you how to send a Support Request to 123 Reg.

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    Click on the Contact Us tab in the 123 Reg support site.

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    You will now need to log in to your account. These are the same login details as you use when logging into the 123 Reg Control Panel. You should log in to ensure that we can give you the best possible help, however, if you don't have a 123 Reg account yet, click the X icon and you will still be able to contact us.

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    Next you must tell us the nature of your query, whether you would like to speak to us about a specific product, ask a general account question, or talk to someone about a potential product purchase. Simply click the button for your selected option.

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    Once you have selected your topic of conversation, you need to answer some additional questions, such as the nature of your query, or which package your question applies to.

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    Next select the details of your problem from the drop down menus. Not only will this help us to diagnose your issue sooner, you will be suggested a helpful support article which may answer the questions you have. Take a moment to read it, you can always continue after.

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    If you still wish to continue, select Yes.

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    You can contact us by Email, Live Chat or on the Phone. We'll recommend the best method of contact based on the nature of your query. We've worked it out to get you to the person best placed to be able to help you quickly and efficiently.