How do I send a ticket to 123 Reg Support?

This article applies to the 123 Reg Support Site

This article will show you how to send a Support Request to 123 Reg.


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Click on the Contact Us tab in the 123 Reg support site.

Raise Support Ticket

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You will now need to log in to your account. These are the same login details as you use when logging into the 123 Reg Control Panel. You should log in to ensure that we can give you the best possible help, however, if you don’t have a 123 Reg account yet, click the X icon and you will still be able to contact us.

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Enter some information about the issue you are experiencing, including adding your domain and email address to ensure that we can find your account and contact you easily. Once complete, click Next Step.

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You will get a confirmation that your ticket has been submitted to our Support Team, who will contact you to discuss your questions.