How do the 123 Reg Renewal Reminders work?

This article applies to your 123 Reg Account.

This article is about the 123 Reg Renewal Reminder process, as of December 2020.

To ensure the quick and easy renewal of your products, 123 Reg utilises an auto-renewal system, meaning that your services remain fully updated and available to you without any disruption or downtime.

Tip: The auto-renewal system uses the payment details stored on your 123 Reg Account. If you would like to change these details, or add new ones, please read our article: How do I add or update my payment details for my 123 Reg account?

Each customer will receive a renewal reminder in advance of their package’s Billing Date, which is when we will attempt take payment to renew your packages. For the yearly billing option, you will receive your reminder 30 days ahead of your billing date. If you are on a monthly billing option, you will receive it 7 days ahead of your billing date.

Alternatively, you can access your account and complete a manual renewal at any time. If you do utilise this method though, make sure that any queued payments are cancelled – otherwise you will be charged additionally.

Please note: Your billing date is reliant on the type of package you are renewing, and which payment method you are using.

The renewal of some domain name extensions may be charged ahead of the stated billing period, depending on the registry’s requirements and rules. SSL Certificates also need an early renewal period to maintain its service level.

Payments made by Direct Debit are requested 15 days early in order to process the payment in time for the renewal.

Once the renewal has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation of your payment, which will feature your invoice number as well as a link to the 123 Reg Control Panel where you can see further details.

Payment details failed

If, for whatever reason, your renewal payment fails to be collected, we will re-attempt renewal again. Should this fail, your package will be suspended 7 days after the expiry date. Payment will be attempted 3 more times; should the renewal fail each time your service will be deleted after 28 days.

Upon each instance of a failed payment, you will receive an email notification informing you that we have tried to take payment but have been unsuccessful.

Please note: If you do not have any payment details stored on your account, you will receive an overdue notice. We will continue to check to see if you have added card details to your account, and you will receive an overdue notice.