Self Diagnosis Alert – Forwarding Type

Thank you for using the 123 Reg Self Diagnosis Tool!

We have detected a possible issue with your web forwarding set up, please view the information below for help in rectifying the problem.

It appears that your web forwarding is not functioning correctly as it has been configured incorrectly.

If you wanted to forward to you will need to select either framed web forwarding to a single page or non framed web forwarding to a single page.

Conversely if you wanted to forward to you will need to select either framed or non framed web forwarding.

To amend the type of web forwarding you have selected, please follow the instructions below:

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In the Domain names section, select the relevant domain name in the drop-down list and click on the Manage button.


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Click on the Web Forwarding link

Step 3 of 4

Choose the correct type of Web Forwarding for your requirements.


If the website address is long and unwieldy, then you may wish to use framed web forwarding, as this masks your website address, and keeps your domain in the browser bar at all times. Non-framed web forwarding is more useful if you wish to forward your domain to another domain with a similar name (such as forwarding to

If you are forwarding your domain to a page within a folder, rather than a domain or subdirectory, (, for example) then you will need to use web forwarding to a single page. Once again, you can choose whether to use framed or non-framed.

If the redirection is permanent use a 301 redirect otherwise use a 302 redirection if you will be changing the destination frequently.

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Scroll down the page and click on the Confirm button.