What happens if I don’t renew my services on time?

This article will explain what happens to your 123 Reg products if you forget to renew them.

Here at 123 Reg we understand that life can be hectic, and things are forgotten, so that is why we are happy to offer you a grace period for the products that we can (which is nearly all of them). This makes sure that you have the chance to still renew after expiry, with no disruption to your service(s).

We give you up to 28 days to sort out your renewal. In fact, in the first 7 days of this, your service(s) will still be up and working, however after this, they will be suspended until you renew.

If the 28 days pass and you do not renew, the service(s) and all associated data will be deleted.

Products that work differently

Domain names
The process for domain names varies depending on the extension you have, this is due to domain name extensions being governed by various registries.

The majority of domain name extensions offer a 16 day grace period after expiry, where you can renew your expired domain name straight from your 123 Reg control panel with no additional fee other than renewal cost. If a domain name is not renewed within this period this could result in additional fees to recover the domain name or the loss of the domain name altogether.

Extensions that do not follow this process are: .at .eu .de and .jp

To find out more about the domain name renewal process and specific domain name extension renewals check out this useful article.

What is the domain recovery period and how can I restore my domain names?

The renewal process for SSL certificates is different as they have a finite lifespan; if renewed before expiry the lifespan of the service will be extended. Should an SSL certificate reach its expiry date without renewal, it will not be possible to extend the lifespan and the service will cease to function. The only way to reinstate one of these services is to purchase a new one.