What happens in the event of an account holder’s death?

This article will explain what actions you will need to take in the event of the death of an account holder.

Personal Account

In the event of an account holder passing away, we will require evidential proof of the death certificate, which should be sent to us through the following link.

If the Executor of a Will is required to take control of the account, they must send us a request in writing, along with proof of their status, stating what action needs to be taken. We will also need a photo ID of the Executor of the Will, such as a government-issued driver’s license, photo identification card or passport.

Company Account

If the account holder that represents a Company should pass away, then the person that wishes to take control of the account will have to provide us with the following:


Proof of address (must be dated within the last three months)

  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill


Proof of name

  • Council Tax Bill
  • HM Revenue & Customs Letter

Please send this documentation, along with any necessary actions required by us, through the following link.

It is important that both the company name and address match the information listed within the account.

Please note: you must provide us with two separate forms of identification for your name and address. For example, if you provide a Council Tax Bill as proof of your name, you must provide another form of identification for your address, such as a Bank Statement.

We do NOT accept invoices as a form of identification.