What payment methods can I use?

This article explains what methods of payment you can use for your 123 Reg account.

At 123 Reg, you can currently pay using either your credit/debit card, via PayPal or using any credit balance you may have on your account.

When making new purchases, you will be prompted to select your chosen payment method.

For renewals via our auto-renewal system, renewal payment will be taken from the payment details you have stored on your 123 Reg Account. You can alter these via your 123 Reg Control Panel.

Direct Debit

You can also set up Direct Debit to cover future renewals of any new purchases. Whilst you won’t be able to pay for those purchases via Direct Debit, you can set it up to ensure future renewals of those products and services are covered by payment through the Direct Debit system.

Please note: 123 Reg does not accept Solo and Switch cards, due to payment restrictions.