How do I install Microsoft Teams?

These FAQs will teach you how you how to get started with Microsoft Teams

You can install Microsoft Teams on both your desktop and mobile devices. Simply click on a title below to skip to the most appropriate FAQ. You can also click the Top button to return and make another selection.


This section will explain how to install Microsoft Teams on your desktop.

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Visit Microsoft Teams official site and select Download for desktop.

Download Teams


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Once you’ve downloaded it, find and open the installer within your files.


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After a few moments, you’ll receive a pop-up window where you’ll need to enter your email address. Once done, select Next to continue.

Enter email address


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From there, you’ll need to enter the password for your email address.

Enter password


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After doing this, you may need to approve the request through Microsoft Authenticator. Simply open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Approve request


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Once done, you’ll be able to start using Teams!



This section will show you how to install Microsoft Teams for your mobile device.

Please note: the screenshots provided below apply to Android devices. However, these steps will be similar when using other devices such as iPhone and iPad devices.

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Search for Microsoft Teams on the Mac App Store or Google Play Store and download it.

Install Teams for mobile


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From there, open your newly downloaded Teams app. You’ll then need to enter the email address you wish to use.

Enter email address


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You’ll also need to enter the password and follow any additional on-screen instructions to complete the sign in process.

Enter password


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Once done, you’ll be ready to access and use Microsoft Teams from your mobile device.

Access Teams