How do I set up Office 365 mail on my mobile device?

This FAQ will help you to do set up Office 365 mail on your mobile device.

The below step instructions will help you to keep connected, as you will be able to keep your emails with you where ever you go.

Please note: The below screenshots apply to iPhone, however these steps will be the same on iPad and Android devices.

Step 1 of 4

Download and install the Outlook app. Once opened, you will be prompted to Get Started. You can download and install the app directly from your device’s app store: Apple App store or Google Play.

Step 2 of 4

Outlook will give you a brief overview, and then you will be prompted to Add an Account.

Step 3 of 4

You will be asked to add an account type. Here, select Office 365.

Step 4 of 4

Now simply add your email address and password and let Outlook do the rest. Your emails will now be set up on your device.