Becoming familiar with the Plesk interface

This article applies to 123 Reg VPS hosting running Plesk 10

This article will familiarise you with the Plesk interface.

Parallels Plesk Panel 10 provides users with a streamlined interface and many powerful new features. You will notice the interface has changed to display our other subscriptions and you can find a list of all your subscriptions on the Account tab. These links provide detailed information about your subscriptions.

You can allow other users to access the Panel so they can manage websites, install applications, or use e-mail services under your domains. By creating additional accounts instead of giving them your login information for your account.

On the Mail tab you can create and manage the e-mail accounts associated with your domains. With each e-mail account, you can set up a mailbox, aliases, auto-reply, and forwarding services.

In the Websites & Domains area of the panel you have complete control over your websites and their content. Depending on your subscription and which features are activated you may have different options available to you.

Plesk comes with it's own built-in application installer which comes prefilled with a number of useful applications and your hosting provider may have added even more. From here you can view and install these applications as well as being able to manage your existing app installations.

The Statistics tab is where you can find detailed reports on how resources provided with your subscriptions are being used.