Common VPS queries

This FAQ will answer some common questions regarding VPS issues.

Initial Diagnostics


Firstly try to ping your servers IP address using the cmd application on a windows computer by typing:

ping <Your IP Address Here>

For example:


This will tell you if your server is online. If you do not receive a response please raise a ticket as per the VPS Offline section beliw.

If you do receive a ping response please continue with the diagnostics.

Is your Control panel accessible?

Have you attempted to access your control panel?

Plesk can be accessed through: https:// <your IP here> :8443

cPanel/WHM can be accessed through: https:// <your IP here> :2087

If you are presented with an SSL certificate warning in your browser we would advise you ignore this warning and click proceed in your browser at this stage.

The above control panels can be accessed through the username root or administrator and your servers’ root / administrator password which is sent through your welcome email.

If you’ve lost your welcome email resend it using the following guide How do I resend my welcome email?

If you still can’t access your control panel please follow the instructions as per the “Service Offline” Section.

Is a website working?

Have you tried to access your website and are presented with an error page such as a 504 gateway timeout or a 404 error page?

If you receive an error message like this you should review your websites error logs often these can be found under the subscription / website section in your control panel usually under the header logs. These log files should identify exactly what is wrong. Most of the time a quick google of the error should point you in the correct direction however if unsure please feel free to query it with our support teams.

If you’re still having trouble please raise a ticket following the “Service offline” section.

VPS Offline

If you don’t receive a ping response please create a support ticket using the subject:

“VPS Not Accessible”

This will alert our team members who will be able to quickly advise you as to what the issue is.

Service offline

If you can raise a support ticket with the subject:

“VPS Service Not Available”

Within this support ticket please contain your server root or administrator password along with what specifically is not working and how we can see it is not working. This will speed up the process for our engineers to assess and investigate this issue.

Issue Restoring Backups

If you’re having trouble restoring a backup of your website please raise a support ticket with the subject

“VPS Backup Restore”

If you can provide us information about where this backup is stored (i.e. your FTP repository or your local computer) we will provide the best guidance on how to resolve this issue.

Please note: You can raise a ticket by clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of the page, and by following these instructions.