Getting started with my 123 Reg VPS running cPanel

How do I add a hosting subscription on my cPanel VPS? How do I setup user accounts in cPanel?

To help you find your way around the cPanel control panel on your VPS from 123 Reg we have written a useful guide to allow you to get started with ease.

 Click here to download the Getting started with my 123 Reg VPS running cPanel Guide.

What will this guide help me with?

This guide contains information on the following areas:

  • Configuring your cPanel account.
  • Changing your cPanel administrator password.
  • Creating and managing users on cPanel.
  • Configuring web hosting services on cPanel.
  • Managing email services in cPanel.
  • Creating databases and database users on cPanel.
  • Performing backups of your data from cPanel.