Getting Started with your VPS – Plesk 10

This article applies to 123 Reg VPS hosting.

This article will explain getting started with your new VPS using Plesk 10

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    Open a Web browser (Internet explorer, Firefox or Safari) and type : https://[[ipaddress]]:8443/ into the address bar.


    Please Note: You can find your IP address in your welcome email, you will need to replace the [[IPADDRESS]] part of the URL above.

    Please Note: You may need to accept the security warning. For more information on the security notice please see I get a security warning when trying to login to my VPS, What now?

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    Read and tick the I agree to the terms of this licence agreement and click on the Accept button.

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    Type in your username. admin

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    Type in the password.

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    Click on the Log In button.


When logging into your VPS for the first time, you will need to fill in the basic preferences as follows:

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    Fill in the Full Hostname field with a fully Qualified domain name e.g.

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    Select a Default IP address from the drop down menu.

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    Select an exclusive IP address and click the Shared > > button to move the IP over to the Shared IP addresses column to use as the shared IP address for domains on your VPS.

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    Enter a new password and confirm the new password.

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    Click on the OK button.

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    Fill in your administrator information and click on the OK button.


You will now be taken to the main Parallels Plesk panel.

Your VPS is now ready to use.