How can I add my own logo to Plesk 10 panel

This article applies to 123 Reg VPS hosting

This article will explain how you can add your own logo to the Parallels Plesk Panel.

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    Login to your Parallels Plesk Panel.

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    Click on the Settings link on the left panel.

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    Click on the Panel Branding icon.

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    Click on the browse button and select your logo file and click on the OK button.


Important: You should use the following of formats for your logo (GIF, JPEG or PNG), preferably not larger than 100 kilobytes to minimize the download time. It is also recommended that you use an image of 50 pixels in height for the best fit.

Please Note: If your logo is internet accessible or hosted online you can enter the logo URL instead e.g. in the Enter new URL for logo text box below the browse button.

Your new logo will now be on the top left corner of the Parallels Plesk Panel.