How can I get back online?

This FAQ will explore the steps you can take to get your web presence back online

The below are some of the scenarios that may be useful to get you back online; if you have any questions or would like to discuss your options further, feel free to contact our Product Information team: 0330 221 1007.

Without your VPS there are several steps you can take to get your web presence back online so that your customers can continue to find you and get in contact with you.

Holding page

One of the first places to start is a holding page. A holding page will mean you have a live website that people will be able to see when they visit your domain name. Here you can add vital information such as contact emails and phone numbers, as well as links to your social accounts and any messages you’d like your customers to see.

Each domain name registered with 123 Reg comes with free access to our Website Builder platform. Website Builder will allow you to build a 2-page site quickly and easily, making use of professionally designed, fully customisable, completely responsive templates, so you can make a great looking site that suits your branding. You’ll be able to quickly add content to the site using the drag and drop tools, so you won’t need to waste time messing around with code. This is a quick and easy fix that’ll get you back online.

How do I activate my free Website Builder site?

If you wish to create more than a holding page, please call our Product Information team who will discuss your options with you and will ensure you get back online as soon as possible: 0330 221 1007


Staying contactable is of utmost importance. With your 123 Reg domain name, you’ll be able to create a mailbox or email forwarder for your domain name, meaning you’ll still be able to send and receive mail to communicate with your customers. Our mailboxes can by synced with your mobile device or email client, so you’ll be able to continue using your favoured set-up for your email.

To ensure you will receive email correctly, you will need to ensure your MX records are set up correctly, to point to 123 Reg email.

How do I create a mailbox for my domain name?

If you require additional mailboxes, or would like to discuss your options, please call our Product Information team who will be able to answer your questions and assist you as best as possible: 0330 221 1007

Web Forwarding

If you have another website running elsewhere, one of the simplest fixes is to simply forward your domain name to your other website. This is a simple way of directing customers to your alternative website where you can inform them of what’s happening and explain their next steps.

This is a quick and easy process which you can complete directly from the 123 Reg control panel, but please note it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

How do I add my temporary web forwarding?

WordPress Hosting

If you need something more than a holding page or web forwarding, you may consider our web hosting packages with WordPress. These packages allow a simple one click install of the world’s most popular content management systems, and come with a range of themes and plugins that will allow you to quickly and easily construct a replacement website that suits your branding and your needs.

Where can I find more information on WordPress hosting? For full details on WordPress hosting, you can visit our webiste or call our Product Information team who will discuss your options and endeavor to get you back online as quickly and easily as possible: 0330 221 1007

Is there a way that I can still view my old website? There are some tools available online that save old versions of websites. Depending on how your website was set up, it is possible that a copy of your site is saved to one of these archives. Because of the way these archives work, it won’t be possible for you to download a version of your website, but you may be able to rescue old text and images by copying and pasting them. A good place to start is the Internet Archive Way Back machine.