How can I manage access to a password protected directory?

This article applies to Linux Dedicated Servers.

This article explains how to enable and disable user access to a password protected directory on your website.

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


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From there, select Dedicated Servers within the ‘Manage active products’ section and then select Manage opposite Manage Dedicated Servers.

Manage Dedicated Servers


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You will now be taken to a new page displaying all your purchased packages. From here, click Login to Server CP.

Login to Server CP


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Enter your login details into the provided fields and click Login.

Enter Server Login details


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Click on the Accounts tab.


Step 6 of 12

Click on the edit link next to the desired account.


Step 7 of 12

Click on the Security link.


Step 8 of 12

Click on the New Password Protected Directory link.


Step 9 of 12

Select the radio button of the relevant directory and click on the Set-up Password protection button.


Step 10 of 12

To add or change the password for a user, click the Password link corresponding to the desired directory.


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Click on the Add User link.


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Fill in the username and password fields, then click the Add User button.