How can I review my server’s traffic?

This FAQ will show you how you can access your server's traffic statistics.

There are three sets of traffic statistics available: Traffic Data, Traffic Billing and Traffic Statistics. You can view these by following the below instructions.

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From the toolbar at the top of the window, click on Network, and then select Traffic from the dropdown menu.

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You can then select the statistics you want to see. From left to right, the buttons will take you to the Traffic Data page, the Traffic Billing, and Statistics pages.

Traffic Data

This graph shows the Traffic Data for your server, split between Incoming, Outgoing and Total. The first graph you will see is an annual overview, broken down by month, with a table below the graph with a break down of the traffic.

In the breakdown table, you can click on the > icon next to each month, allowing you to see an in-depth overview of the month, split down day by day.

Traffic Billing

This section shows the information on your billing period and traffic limits within the period. This shows you how much you can use each billing period, and how much you have used.


This section outlines a statistic evaluation of your traffic across the previous week, allowing you to see the incoming, outgoing and total traffic usage for your server, allowing you to see whether you have days that are particularly traffic intensive, and allowing you to identify patterns in your traffic usage.