How do I add/remove/change the control panel on my VPS?

This article applies to 123 Reg VPS control panels

This article will explain how to change your Virtual Private Server control panel.

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    Login to your 123 Reg control panel

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    Click on the Manage link under the VPS section.

  • Step 3 of 7

    Click on the Manage button next to your VPS.

  • Step 4 of 7

    Click on the Manage VPS tab.

  • Step 5 of 7

    Click on the Change CP link next to Control Panel under the Server Information section.

  • Step 6 of 7

    Select the option you wish to change to from the drop down list

  • Step 7 of 7

    When a Control Panel is selected click on the Reimage VPS button to complete.

Please note: All data will be lost when the server is reimaged.