How do I order a Private Network for use with my Dedicated server?

This FAQ will help you to order a private network for use with your Dedicated server.

You can purchase a Private Network for use with your server from within your control panel. There are different levels of network, allowing you to pick the level that best suits your needs.

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From the menu bar, click on Network, and then select Private Network from the drop-down menu.

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This will take you to the Private network section. Here you will see an overview of any networks you already have on your server, as well as the Order process for new networks.

Here you must specify the server you wish to create the network for, as well as the customisation options, including the network level.

When complete, click on the Order Now button.

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Now we will ask you to review your order before confirming with the Order Now button. Here you can also abort the transaction, if you’ve changed your mind.

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Once the order is placed, you will see a Success message showing you that your order is in progress.