How do I reboot my Dedicated Server?

This FAQ will help you to reboot your Dedicated Server.

This FAQ covers both Hardware and Software reboots.

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There are two methods for restarting your server; you can either select the Reboot option from the Hardware tab of the menu bar, or by clicking the Reboot button for the server you wish to reboot from the Your Server section on the homepage.

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This will take you to the reboot screen for your chosen server. You can choose between a software reboot and a hardware reboot.

A software reboot, sometimes known as a warm reboot, is a restart of the software aspects of your server, in a similar manner to restarting your home PC.

A hardware reboot, sometimes known as a cold reboot, is a reboot of the server as a whole, where all of the hardware is completely switched off before it is restarted.

Select the type of reboot you would like to initiate from the drop-down menu and then click the Next button.

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You will now be asked to confirm that you wish to reboot the server; click on the Reboot server button to confirm.

Please note: This functionality can cause unavailability of your server and may lead to data loss.

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You will now get a confirmation message that your server is rebooting.