How do I recover my Dedicated Server?

This FAQ will help you to recover your Dedicated Server.

Recovery enables you to restart your server at any time in recovery mode, granting access to the data on your server which is no longer accessible over the internet using normal means. Thus, you can modify the system configuration and repair your server, making it fully available again.

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To recover your server, select Hardware from the menu bar, and then select Recovery from the drop-down menu.

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We will need you to specify some login details for logging into your server during recovery mode. Enter an email address and create a password, then click Next.

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Now you must confirm that you would like to start the recovery by clicking on the Start Recovery button.

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You will now see that your recovery has started. If you would like to cancel your recovery, you can click on the Abort button.

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You will be asked if you’re sure you’d like to stop the recovery. Click the Stop Recovery button to cancel the recovery.

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You will see a message that your recovery has been cancelled successfully.