How do I view my site before I transfer my domain name to 123 Reg?

This article applies to Dedicated Servers.

This article explains how to access your website in a browser prior to associating it with a live domain name.

You can view the website for any of our hosting accounts created within your dedicated server Control Panel without having the live domain name mapped to it, by using a specially formatted URL.

To use this URL, you will need to know the username of the hosting account you wish to view, and the dedicated server number on which the hosting account has been created.

Linux Dedicated Servers

To view your site in a web browser, use the following URL;

where XXXX is the dedicated server number, and auser is the username of the hosting account you wish to access.

Example: For a hosting account named yellowcars hosted on dedicated server number 9999, the special URL would read

Windows Dedicated Servers

The URL convention for Windows dedicated servers is slightly different, although the name information is required;

Example: For an account named bluecars hosted on server number 12500 the special URL would read