How to change your password and contact information in Plesk

This article applies to 123 Reg VPS hosting running Plesk 10

This article will explain how to change your Password and Contact Information in Plesk.

If you need to change your account password or contact information for some reason or another. There are two ways to find your profile information within Plesk. Click the Account tab and then click My Profile.. Now you are on the General tab, here you will be able to change your e-mail address, password or preferred language. You should note that this only changes the password used to log into Plesk panel and not the password of any of your hosting subscriptions.

Another way to get to your profile is to click on your username displayed in the top right corner. You will then see the same screen we visited just a few moments ago.

Go to Contact Details here is where you can enter your company’s name and other relevant information. Click on the OK button to save your changes. Your profile will now be updated with the changes.