How to create Custom Buttons in Plesk

This article will show you how to create Custom Buttons in Plesk

Please note: this article applies to VPS Hosting plans running Plesk 10.

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From your Plesk Panel, select Account in the toolbar.

Select Account


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On the next page, click Custom Buttons.

Click Custom Buttons


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From there, click Create Custom Button.

Click Create Custom Button


Step 4 of 6

This will take you to a new page where you can enter details for your custom button. Simply enter the following into the provided fields:

  • Button label: the name for your button
  • Location: where you want your button to appear
  • URL: the page you want your users to be taken
  • Tooltip Text: the text that will appear below your button

Once you’ve entered this information, click Finish.

Enter details


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Next, select Websites & Domains within the toolbar.

Click Websites & Domains


Step 6 of 6

Here you will see your newly created button at the end of the page.

View button