How to create Custom Buttons in Plesk

This article will show you how to create Custom Buttons in Plesk

Please note: this article was originally created for our previous generation of Virtual Private Servers running Plesk 10. As such, these instructions may not be relevant to our current generation of Virtual Private Servers.

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From your Plesk Panel, select Account in the toolbar.

Select Account


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On the next page, click Custom Buttons.

Click Custom Buttons


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From there, click Create Custom Button.

Click Create Custom Button


Step 4 of 6

This will take you to a new page where you can enter details for your custom button. Simply enter the following into the provided fields:

  • Button label: the name for your button
  • Location: where you want your button to appear
  • URL: the page you want your users to be taken
  • Tooltip Text: the text that will appear below your button

Once you’ve entered this information, click Finish.

Enter details


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Next, select Websites & Domains within the toolbar.

Click Websites & Domains


Step 6 of 6

Here you will see your newly created button at the end of the page.

View button