How to prevent disk usage issues

This article will show you how to prevent any disk usage issues within your Virtual Private Server.

If you’re experiencing high disk/inode usage on your server, here are the most common causes for this:

Badly configured backups

Avoid keeping too many backups as this can cause a strain on your server’s resources. If you’re using cPanel, you  can check your backup logs by connecting to your server via SSH and checking the directory /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup.

User-uploaded content

If you or any of your users regularly upload content, you may wish to check that this content has been placed across different directories, rather than in a single directory that has become incredibly large.

Large error log files

If you’ve received updated your websites, this may have a knock-on effect on your error logs. As such, you should review any error logs that you’ve recently generated and correct any coding errors within them.

Spam issues

If your server is being used to send high volumes of spam messages, this can use up a lot of resources. For details on how to address this, please read the following article: Find and fix spam abuse on your server