Installing a mySQL database to a hosting account

This article applies to Dedicated Servers.

This article explains how to install a mySQL database to a hosting account using the hosting control panel.

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Log in to your 123 Reg control panel, then scroll down to the Dedicated servers section, select the relevant domain name from the drop-down box and click on the manage button.


Step 2 of 7

Click on the Log in to server link.


Step 3 of 7

Click on the Accounts tab.


Step 4 of 7

Click on the edit link next to the desired account.


Step 5 of 7

Click on the mySQL link.


Step 6 of 7

Click on the Install mySQL link.


The resulting page contains text fields in which to enter the password you wish to configure to secure the database.

Step 7 of 7

Enter your preferred password into both fields and click on the Install mySQL button.


On confirmation, a mySQL database will be created and access permissions to it granted for your account.