Managing your VPS through the 123 Reg control panel

How do I add more CPU cores? How do I order an FTP backup?

To help you find your way around the VPS control panel we have written a useful guide to help you manage and upgrade your 123 Reg VPS with ease.

Click here to download the Managing your VPS in your 123 Reg control panel Guide.

What will this guide help me with?

This guide contains information on the following areas:

  • Changing the operating system of your VPS.
  • Changing the Control Panel software installed.
  • Modifying the number of CPU cores for your VPS.
  • Upgrading the memory on your VPS.
  • Increasing the Disk Space for your VPS.
  • Add an VPS FTP backup service.
  • Change the VPS billing period.
  • Ordering additional IP addresses for your VPS.