Manual network configuration for a custom OS on your 123 Reg Cloud Server

This article applies to 123 Reg Cloud Servers and Dedicated Cloud Servers.

This FAQ will explain what network settings you need to use if you install a custom OS onto your Cloud Server.

When you replace the default operating system you may find you no longer have network/internet access on the new OS.

Typically, the configuration of the network interface is done automatically when you install the Bare metal Tools. The option for this is in all of our pre-installed operating systems. The exception being a custom ISO installation.

For this you will need to enter the settings manually, after which you will be able to install the BM tools as per the following article: How do I install Bare Metal Tools in my cloud server?

Network Settings:

IP addressYou can get this from your 123 Reg control panel.
Netmask: (or /32 written as a CIDR prefix)
Default gateway:
Name Servers: