PleskDBException error in Plesk

This article will explain what to do if you get a PleskDBException error in Plesk Panel.

Please note: this article was originally created for our previous generation of Virtual Private Servers. As such, these instructions may not be relevant to our current generation of Virtual Private Servers.


If you see the following error in Hosting Services > Domains > Manage Hosting


Internal error: Unable to find service node for web service on domain with id=7

Message Unable to find service node for web service on domain with id=7
File PhDomainBase.php
Line 775
Type PleskDBException

Please note: Updating Plesk will NOT solve this problem.

To resolve the issue you can use this SQL query to fix it with the IP from the client’s pool:


mysql> update ip_pool, clients, IpAddressesCollections, domains, DomainServices, IP_Addresses set where DomainServices.ipCollectionId =
IpAddressesCollections.ipCollectionId and and and
ipAddressId not in (select id from IP_Addresses) and =
ip_pool.ip_address_id and pool_id =;

In the case of missing ipCollections:


mysql> select dom_id, DomainServices.type, DomainServices.ipCollectionId, ip_address_id, name as
domain_name, login as owner_login from DomainServices, domains, clients, ip_pool where
ipCollectionId not in (select IpAddressesCollections.ipCollectionId from IpAddressesCollections) and and = domains.cl_id and = clients.pool_id and
DomainServices.type=”web” group by ipCollectionId;
| dom_id | type | ipCollectionId | ip_address_id | domain_name | owner_login |
| 52     | web  |            106 |             2 | forward.tld | gd          |
| 55     | web  |            113 |             1 | domain.tld  | admin       |

mysql> insert into IpAddressesCollections (ipCollectionId, ipAddressId) values (106,2),(113,1);

Once you have fixed the database records you will need to recreate the Apache config files:


# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng –reconfigure-all