PleskDBException error in Plesk

This article applies to 123 Reg servers.

This article will explain what to do if you get a PleskDBException error in Plesk Panel.


If you see the following error in Hosting Services > Domains > Manage Hosting


Internal error: Unable to find service node for web service on domain with id=7

Message Unable to find service node for web service on domain with id=7
File PhDomainBase.php
Line 775
Type PleskDBException

Please note: Updating Plesk will NOT solve this problem.

To resolve the issue you can use this SQL query to fix it with the IP from the client’s pool:


mysql> update ip_pool, clients, IpAddressesCollections, domains, DomainServices, IP_Addresses set where DomainServices.ipCollectionId =
IpAddressesCollections.ipCollectionId and and and
ipAddressId not in (select id from IP_Addresses) and =
ip_pool.ip_address_id and pool_id =;

In the case of missing ipCollections:


mysql> select dom_id, DomainServices.type, DomainServices.ipCollectionId, ip_address_id, name as
domain_name, login as owner_login from DomainServices, domains, clients, ip_pool where
ipCollectionId not in (select IpAddressesCollections.ipCollectionId from IpAddressesCollections) and and = domains.cl_id and = clients.pool_id and
DomainServices.type=”web” group by ipCollectionId;
| dom_id | type | ipCollectionId | ip_address_id | domain_name | owner_login |
| 52     | web  |            106 |             2 | forward.tld | gd          |
| 55     | web  |            113 |             1 | domain.tld  | admin       |

mysql> insert into IpAddressesCollections (ipCollectionId, ipAddressId) values (106,2),(113,1);

Once you have fixed the database records you will need to recreate the Apache config files:


# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng –reconfigure-all