Using the WHM/cPanel Transfer Tool to move data between 123 Reg Virtual Private Servers

This article will show you how to use the WHM/cPanel Transfer Tool to transfer data between our Virtual Private Servers.

The Transfer Tool in WHM offers a quick and easy way of moving your data from one cPanel Service to another, such as migrating from our previous generation of VPS to our current generation of VPS. Simply follow the instructions below to get started:

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Start by logging in as the root user on your new 123 Reg VPS (i.e. the destination server) via WHM.


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From there, search for and open the Transfer Tool using the search field in the top-left corner.

Search for Transfer tool


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On the next page, you’ll need to complete the following fields:

  • Remote Server Address: the IP address for your old VPS service
  • Root Password: the password for your old VPS service

Once you have added these details and changed any necessary settings (if any), click Scan Remote Server.

Please note: The source (old) and target (new) servers must be able to communicate over port 2087 to use this feature. They must also be able to communicate over the port that your servers use for SSH connections – default is port 22.

Do NOT shut down or restart any processes on either server during the transfer and restoration process.

Do NOT start a transfer during a system update OR a system update during a transfer. Otherwise, the system update will fail.

Enter server details


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On the next page, click I Understand. Proceed To The Account List.

Please note: for older Operating Systems on the previous VPS service, upgrading WHM/cPanel to the latest version isn’t possible because it’s not compatible with outdated Operating Systems like CentOS 6, CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 14.

Proceed to Account List


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You will now need to select all the accounts, packages and service configurations that you want migrate to the new VPS service from the provided list.

Once done, click Copy to start the transfer process.

Select files


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You can now monitor the progress of your transfer. Once this is complete, you’ll need to check the summary for any possible errors.

Monitor progress


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If you’re happy with the transfer summary, check your new VPS service to confirm that everything works as intended and that all your data was successfully transferred.


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Once you’ve confirmed that everything is in order, you will need update the DNS records for the domain names you want to point to the new VPS service.