What is ASP.NET and which version is installed to my hosting account?

This article applies to Windows Dedicated Servers.

This article explains how to use ASP.NET and the version available within a Windows dedicated server account.

Microsoft .NET is a suite of software technologies for quickly building and deploying fast and reliable interconnected web applications. The rich class library of the .NET framework means features which were once difficult to implement can now be added in just a few lines of code. ASP.NET enables you to harness the power of the Microsoft .NET framework in your website pages.


Our servers support ASP.NET pages written in Visual Basic, Jscript and C Sharp with the server default being Visual Basic. ASP.NET pages must have the file extension .aspx. Your default pages can be called index.aspx or default.aspx.

Our web servers currently support .NET Framework versions 1.1.4322 and 2.0.