Why is the website hosted on my VPS slow?

This article will cover some troubleshooting steps you can take if your website on your VPS is slow.

Please note: this article was originally created for our previous generation of Virtual Private Servers. As such, these instructions may not be relevant to our current generation of Virtual Private Servers.

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Perform a traceroute from an external source (i.e. not from your VPS).

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If you are experiencing slow download speeds, see how long it takes to download a file.


Login to your VPS using SSH and use the wget command to download a file.


Login to your VPS using RDP and download a file via a browser.

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Check the speed of your website, use the developers tools in your web browser
(Ctrl + Shift + I) and this will show you what your site is loading. Items that may cause your site to load slow include:

  • Large PNG files
  • javascript sliders
  • jquery forms and scripts

A large database could also affect the loading of your site.

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Check the resources of your VPS such as disk space, memory and cores. Upgrades can be purchased from the Manage VPS section of your 123 Reg user control panel.

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Check what process you have running on your server, here you would be looking for items such as:

  • A process using up your CPU
  • A backup process running
  • A script or database call that is struggling to execute

Login to your VPS using SSH and use the top command.

Login to your VPS using RDP and use Task Manager.

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Check the 123 Reg System Status Page for issues with the Network/Node that your VPS is hosted on as these can cause bad (slow) connections.

Please note: If you have troubleshooted your VPS and are not able to find the cause you can raise a support ticket. You will need to provide the following information when raising your ticket:

  • IP address of your VPS
  • URL of a website hosted on your VPS
  • Traceroute to your VPS from an external source
  • Details of any custom software you have running on the VPS