How do I set up a Site Scanner scan?

This article applies to 123 Reg Site Scanner

This article explains how to set up a scan of your website using Site Scanner.

Your Site Scanner comes with some scan settings selected as default, but these can be customised to your needs. As default, your Site Scanner package will scan your website daily. To change this:

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Enter your Site Scanner dashboard by logging into your 123 Reg Control Panel and clicking on the Manage Site Scanner link under the security section.

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Click on the View button for the website you wish to manage.

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From your Site Scanner dashboard, click on the Settings tab.

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Click on the Change Frequency link.

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You are then presented by the Scan Frequency Settings window. Click on the edit/upgrade link to change this setting.

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Select your desired frequency. You have the choice of DailyWeekly and Continuous scanning. After you have made your selection, click the Update button.

Your Site Scanner will now scan your website to your desired frequency.