Understanding the Site Scanner control panel

This article applies to 123 Reg Site Scanner

The Site Scanner Dashboard is accessible through your 123 Reg control panel. To access the Site Scanner dashboard, scroll down to the security section of your control panel, then click the manager link next to the Site Scanner logo.

The Site Scanner dashboard is broken down into three sections, which are divided into three tabs: Dashboard, Settings and Report.

The Dashboard tab contains the basic information you need to know, such as your site’s status, and the date of your last scan, as well as your reputation levels with the major search engines and blacklists:

The Settings tab is where you can make changes to your Site Scanner package. For example, here you can change how frequently your package scans for threats, how frequently it sends you email reports, and which email address it sends them to.

The Report tab has four sections: Malware, Reputation, Speed/Uptime and Web of Trust. The Malware section contains a list of all the scanned pages and any Google Phishing information. The Reputation section shows the current reputation levels your site has with the major search engines and blacklists. The Speed/Uptime section shows information for Site Scanner Pro users and monitors the speed of your site and its uptime levels.