How do I upload an image to the SiteFusion image gallery?

This article applies to SiteFusion packages.

Your chosen template will come with a number of defined images, but these can also be changed to customise your site and additional images can always be added.

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    Login to your 123 Reg control panel.

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    Scroll down to the Create your website section and click on the SiteFusion icon.

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    Click on the Login button next to the relevant package.

  • Step 4 of 6

    From the Design view, click the Images tab, which is located in the left hand pane to the bottom of the first window.

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    You will see a gallery of images available to you. You can add additional images (up to a total file size of 10Mb). To upload your new image click the Add Image link.

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    From the pop-up file manager window locate and click the image you wish to upload. Click the Open button to select the image.


Your new image is now available for you to drag and drop from the image gallery into your design.