How does SiteFusion work with Flexible height regions?

This article applies to SiteFusion packages.

Defining a flexible region

In your design template, add (flex) to the layer name to tell SiteFusion you want that region to have flexible height.

For example, if you want the layer main to have flexible height name it main (flex)

How are graphics scaled in flexible height regions?

If a page region contains only a solid colour, Site-fusion will render it as a DIV tag.

If a page region contains a bitmap, Site-fusion will scale it using 'smart' scaling. This means that the upper and lower third of the bitmap retain their original height and only the middle third is scaled. The advantage of this is that if. for example, the regions has rounded corners the corners will not become distorted through scaling.

The green area of the image below shows when a page region is unscaled.


The green area of the image below shows when the page region has content forcing it to scale vertically


Please note: The red and blue areas in this example retain their original height.