Page Navigation explained

This article will explain how the page navigation works in SiteFusion.

Tip: SiteFusion automatically updates page navigation widgets when you create a new page on your website.

To access the Navigation menu panel, click on a navigation box inside of the SiteFusion editor.



You can change Navigation layout options by using the following layout options:

  • You can make your navigation menu display in horizontal or vertical Orientation.
  • You can set the Alignment of your navigational links.
You can change the format of the text in the textbox by using the following format options:Page__nav_layout.jpg


You can change the appearance of your navigation menu by using the following options:

  • The colour of your links.
  • The background colour of your Navigation widget.
  • The Padding between your navigation links.
  • The spacing between your navigation links.


You can select whether to show a certain group of pages in your navigation menu. This is only active if you have more than one folder of pages.