PSD error: Problem processing your design…

This article applies to SiteFusion packages.

There was a problem processing your design, and unfortunately we couldn't diagnose exactly what this is

This is a non-specific error that usually indicates something unusual in you PSD file. This error is more likely to occur in large and complex PSD files with lots of layers (20+).

Try these steps:

  • Removing all unnecessary layers from your PSD
  • Removing alpha channels
  • Removing layer groups
  • Reducing file size below 20Mb
  • Removing clipping paths and groups
  • Choosing ‘Save as…’ from the file menu and saving the file with a new name

If none of the above works please upload your PSD by clicking on the Ask a question tab on the top of this page to open a new support ticket. We will then try to resolve the issue for you.