The Image panel explained

This article will explain the image panel within the SiteFusion editor.

To access the Image panel, double click on an image inside the SiteFusion editor.


The Alt Tag field is used to to provide an alternative description of your image. This will be displayed in browsers that can not display the image (e.g. a mobile phone browser) and is important for accessibility with speech reading devices. Click the OK button to update.


The Title Tag field can be used to give the image a title. This may be displayed in search engines. Click the OK button to update.


Click the Reset button to reset the size of the image


Click the Aspect ratio button (4) to reset the height and width of the image


Drag an image onto the rollover target thumbnail to create a rollover image effect for your image.


Drag an image onto the lightbox target thumbnail to create a lightbox of your image. When clicked on, the image will open in a new window.

Please Note: This can only be tested in the Preview mode. This will not work in the site editor.


To add a link to an image click the Make Link button. To remove a link click on the Destroy Link button.


You can manually change the image size by using the image size boxes.


You can lock the Aspect Ratio of the image when changing its size. This can be used when resizing an image by dragging from within the editor. Click on the Aspect Ratio button before dragging to keep the aspect ratio of the image.