The Text Block panel explained

This article will explain the Text Block panel within the SiteFusion editor.

To access the Text Block panel, click on a text box inside of the SiteFusion editor.



You can change the format of the text in the textbox by using the following format options:

  • Font – You can set the font of your text.
  • Size – You can choose the size of your text.
  • You can apply text styles e.g. Bold, Italic, Underlined and Strikethrough.
  • You can set the colour of your text.

Paragraphs & Lists

You can set the following options for Paragraphs and lists:

  • Alignment – Set the position of your text.
  • List type – Set the type of list you want to display.


You can add and remove links in your text using the options below:

  • Add links
  • Remove links


You can select or add styles that can be applied site wide to text boxes.

  • Select a style.
  • Add and define a new style by clicking on the Add new style option.
  • Edit the widget background styles.