How do I access my downloadable SiteLock security report?

This FAQ will help you to download your SiteLock security report.

The below instructions will show you how to download your security report so you can keep and ongoing record of your website’s security.

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To access your downloadable report, login to your SiteLock control panel, and then click the fifth icon at the top of the page, a downwards arrow above a computer icon.

SiteLock report icon

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This will prompt you to choose a location to save your report by opening your file manager. Once you have selected your save location, SiteLock will generate your report, which will download automatically.

Generate your report

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Once your details are entered you will see the scan results status. This will show whether your SSL has been scanned and what the results of the scan were. You will also be able to remove SSLs from the scan once you are done with them.

Example SiteLock report